Unveiling the Path to Stardom: Entertainment Auditions with YG, SM, Cube, Pledis, and RBW


For aspiring performers, the world of entertainment auditions is the gateway to their dreams. Companies like YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, and RBW have been the launching pads for many K-pop stars and actors. In this article, we’ll explore the audition processes, expectations, and insights into these renowned entertainment giants. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of entertainment, read on to discover the opportunities and challenges awaiting you.

YG Entertainment Auditions

YG Entertainment, known for artists like BLACKPINK and BIGBANG, conducts open auditions periodically. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Audition Process: YG typically holds global auditions in various countries, accepting applicants in singing, dancing, and rapping categories.
  2. Expectations: Prepare a performance that showcases your skills and uniqueness. YG is known for its fierce and edgy concepts, so stand out with a bold image.
  3. Tips: Confidence is key when auditioning for YG. Be yourself, but bring a strong presence to the stage.

SM Entertainment Auditions

SM Entertainment, the home of global sensations such as EXO and Red Velvet, is known for rigorous auditions. Here’s what you should expect:

  1. Audition Process: SM holds auditions in various countries. Applicants can audition in singing, dancing, modeling, or acting.
  2. Expectations: SM values versatility. Showcase a wide range of talents, and remember that visuals play a significant role in their selection process.
  3. Tips: Polish your skills, but also focus on presentation. SM looks for well-rounded performers who can adapt to different concepts.

Cube Entertainment Auditions

Cube Entertainment, famous for groups like (G)I-DLE and Pentagon, welcomes auditions through different platforms. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Audition Process: Cube accepts online and in-person auditions. They’re particularly interested in originality and stage presence.
  2. Expectations: Be bold and fearless. Cube encourages creativity and unique personalities.
  3. Tips: Cube artists often have a distinct style and personality. Bring out your uniqueness and passion during auditions.

Pledis Entertainment Auditions

Pledis Entertainment, the company behind SEVENTEEN and NU’EST, is known for fostering talent. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Audition Process: Pledis occasionally holds global auditions. They focus on vocal and dance skills.
  2. Expectations: Pledis values teamwork and individuality. Show your ability to shine as a solo artist while being a team player.
  3. Tips: Pledis artists are often praised for their sincerity and connection with fans. Showcase your authenticity and humility.

RBW Entertainment Auditions

RBW Entertainment, the agency behind MAMAMOO, often conducts open auditions. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Audition Process: RBW looks for aspiring vocalists and performers, and they occasionally hold global auditions.
  2. Expectations: RBW artists are celebrated for their vocal prowess. So, your singing abilities should take the center stage.
  3. Tips: Authenticity and vocal talent are key at RBW. Make sure to demonstrate your unique vocal style.

FAQs about Entertainment Auditions

  1. What should I prepare for an audition?
    • Prepare a well-rehearsed performance that showcases your talent. Practice both your stage presence and skills.
  2. Do I need to be fluent in Korean for auditions?
    • While it can be an advantage, many companies are open to global talents. Being fluent in Korean is not always a requirement.
  3. Can I audition if I’m not from South Korea?
    • Yes, most of these entertainment companies hold global auditions, so you can audition from your home country.
  4. Is prior training necessary to audition?
    • No, prior training is not always necessary. These companies are looking for raw talent and potential.
  5. What’s the best way to stand out during an audition?
    • Showcase your uniqueness, confidence, and your ability to adapt to different concepts. Authenticity is key.

In conclusion, auditions with YG, SM, Cube, Pledis, and RBW offer incredible opportunities to aspiring talents. Each company has its own distinct expectations, but common factors include showcasing your unique personality, confidence, and authenticity. Your journey to stardom begins with that one bold step onto the audition stage. Good luck!

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